Championship Medals

$100 Each Player

Team name on IBC Plaque

Tentative Schedule:

International festival is open to the public from 11am-7pm

Tournament of Nations Schedule:

11:15 Players Meeting

11:30-12:30 First Rounds

12:30-2:00 Contests for Public

        Free Throw

        Knock Out

        Kidz Zone Contests

2:00-3:00 Second and Third Rounds (incl elimination rounds)

3:00 Sportsmanship from Around the World

3:30-4:00 Final Rounds

4:00 Shooting Clinic

4:30-5:30 Open Court

5:30 Dunk Contest

6:00 History of Basketball

6:30 Championship Game

6:45 Awards

Game Rules:

  • Format is a Double Elimination Tournament
  • Teams may have 4 players maximum.
  • Only 4 teams may be entered from each country.
  • Jump Ball will begin play.

  • Change of possession requires a take back, including jump balls.

  • All throw ins are made from the top of the key.

  • Once a team scores, the opposing team will take it out.

  • Taking the ball out requires a pass in.

  • The length of the games will be determined by the number of teams entering.

  • The clock will run except for final rounds when it stops on the whistle.

  • Score is kept by 2s and 3s and 1s by an official scorekeeper.

  • Only team fouls are recorded. When a player gets fouled, the team will take it out. If the basket is good on the foul, the basket counts and fouled player will shoot a normal free throw. After the 4th team foul, the fouled player gets a normal free throw.

  • A 1 minute overtime will be played if necessary.

  • Players may not change teams once play has begun. If a team only has three players and one is lost to injury, that team must play with two players.

  • Stalling with the lead is not permitted and will result in a change of possession.

  • Subbing can be done at any time. Team are permitted to have 4 players

  • A held ball results in an NBA style jump ball.


Team Name

Nation Representing                                                                            Current Nations Registered:

                                                                      USA (1)
                                                                                                          Puerto Rico (1)
                                                                                                          Mexico (1)
Player 1 Name
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Cell Number

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Player 2 Name
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Player 3 Name
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Player 4 Name (Optional)
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 I understand I need to wear similar jerseys/shirts for the games (colors of your nation would be best)

 I understand I will need to sign a waiver form at the location

 All of the players on this team are 18 years or older

 I understand our team will pay the entry fee of $80 on October 6, 2018

 I understand the Game Rules