National Hoops Ministries is an itinerant ministry that is set up to organize and conduct a 3 on 3 basketball tournament for the local church with the purpose of helping that ministry reach their community. National Hoops brings along a team of 4 college students that help in preparation, recruiting, and conducting the tournaments as well as ministering to the teens through testimonies and special music.




The National Hoops Progam can be divided into 2 parts: The 3 on 3 evangelistic tournament and the Spiritual Emphasis week for the youth group or Christian School.


3 on 3 Tournament:


National Hoops provides great prizes for the teens to compete for including:


  • Scholarships to NH Camp
  • Trophies, T-Shirts, and pictures on the web.



National Hoops provides Equipment as we conduct the tournament including:


    • Goals
    • Sound System
    • Electric Scoreboard
    • Bracket Software    
    • Flip Charts
    • Bracket Boards
    • Signs
    • Court Stencil




    National Hoops provides the staff to be involved in/assist in:


    • Recruiting players for the tournament
    • Training volunteers for the Saturday event
    • Setting up the tournament on location
    • Conducting the tournament
    • Special music, preaching, counseling, record keeping



    National Hoops provides materials for:


    • Promotion (signs, fliers and posters)
    • Planning and organizing
    • Discipleship and follow-up



    The Spiritual Emphasis Week (Youth group or Christian school)



    National Hoops provides a program to include:

    • Basketball competitions (trash ball, trivia, dunk contests)




     National Hoops provides the staff to be involved in:


    • Giving testimonies
    • Singing special music
    • Preaching
    • Counseling



    Sample Schedule


    Monday:Team Arrives

    Tuesday--Friday: Team recruites, prepares, conducts services for youth group or school.

    Saturday: Tournament

    Sunday: Team available to participate with special music, preaching, Sunday School, etc



    Discipleship Program


    It is a very important matter to obey the Lord's teaching on discipleship. Much of this burden rests on the local church,yet we have been burdened to do all that we are able to do in order to fulfill the Great Commission.


    Training Camp, a 112 page discipleship book, was written with sports fans in mind. This book is given to those making a decision.





    Ministry Expenses: There is no set fee or official requirement for this ministry to come serve in your church. We depend on the free-will expense gift from the church to help cover the cost of travel, equipment, and normal operating expenses.


    Evangelist's Income: The income of the evangelist and his family comes from mission support and a free-will love offering taken by your church. This is not a requirement for our family to come serve with you.



    For the Pastor or Youth Pastor

    Changeable Flier
    Tournament Posterr.doc
    NHoops Compiled packet