Youth evangelism is a needy field that is white unto harvest. The Lord has burdened Evangelist Mike Washer to help meet that need. As a youth pastor, the Lord has used Mike to nurture a youth group that is growing spiritually, and burdened him to reach the lost. One of the effective outreaches of their calendar has been their basketball outreach. The Lord has used this outreach to reach scores of young people with the Gospel. Now God has laid upon his heart to take this evangelistic tool on the road. Mike has a heart for souls and for youth. I recommend him to your consideration.

Dr. Jim Van Gelderen, Evangelist, Minutemen Ministries, Wisconsin


Mike Washer has preached summer teen camps and participated in various programs here at The Anchorage. His preaching is Biblical, passionate, powerful, and practical. His conviction on the power of the Gospel and the authority of Scripture has been used by the Holy Spirit to produce noticeable conviction in many, resulting in spiritually changed lives. I have found him to live as he preaches, showing genuine care and compassion to those around. His wife is nothing but a credit to him and his ministry. I heartily recommend his ministry to you.

 David Ulrich, Director, The Anchorage Camp, North Carolina


National Hoops, in my opinion, is one of the most exciting local church teen outreaches in America today.  The sports format  bringing many teenage boys and girls under the hearing of the gospel.  Evangelist Mike Washer is being used of God in a mighty way and scores of both teens and adults alike are accepting Christ as their Savior.  I highly recommend this ministry to assist your local church youth ministry.


Ken Hay, Founder, Chairman of the Board of The Wilds Christian Association

"My observation and participation in the ministry of National Hoops has been really encouraging. It is well-organized, ethical, and God-dependent. The Lord has already used it to bring many young souls to Himself. I especially appreciate its separated stand, biblically solid follow-up materials, and carefulness to be a servant to local churches. The Philippines needs ministries with ingredients like National Hoops."

Dr. Phil Kamibayashiyama, BJMBC Director, Metro Manila, Philippines