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Mike Washer Update: (portions are removed--for full update, including pictures, please sign up)

Dear Family and Friends,


Ephesians 5:20 says, “ Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” I don’t know about you, but the hardest words for me in this command are “always” and “all things” ! Of course it is easy to say thank you for something that we like or that is easy on us, but what about the hard things? God has really challenged us to intentionally thank God for every thing in our life, even if it is difficult or something that we would not have planned. We can only do this in faith, knowing that God will work all things together for good in our lives. Our family is overwhelmed at God’s blessing this Thanksgiving more than any recent Thanksgivings that we can remember. He is always good and has shown His kindness and grace to us over and over. We are all so undeserving but God continues to bless. There is much to be thankful for!


Philippines Trip---Our family spent about 2 weeks in the Philippines in September/October. The first week, we met up with the National Hoops Philippines led by Pastor Amos to help pass out fliers, to evaluate any needs we have in the ministry, and to encourage the team. It was a joy to watch the team at work and to see how God used them at the local host church and in the community. Pastor Amos and Sof are doing a fantastic job in this ministry. On Saturday, God brought 16 teams and Hayden and Hunter enjoyed playing on one of the teams. After the invitation, 6 young people trusted Christ!

The next week, we were privileged to be a part of a missionary conference made up of couples from all over the Philippines and a couple from Vietnam. The emphasis of the messages was “Spirit Filled Ministry Relationships” Our family was so blessed to be a part of this conference with these wonderful soldiers of God laboring on the front lines of ministry. We came away so blessed and refreshed in the Lord.


Indonesia Trip—A few weeks ago, I met Pastor Amos, his team member Peter from the Philippines and Heru from Jakarta for tournaments in Bandung and Manado. The focus of our weeks was not only training for Heru to be the evangelist for Indonesia, but also mentoring for Amos who is very burdened to be involved in mentoring Heru and others for the ministry. In Bandung, we had some troubles with recruiting and a few days of sick team members, but God blessed and on Saturday, 6 teams showed up. We were excited to be able to preach to 4 Muslims and teens from Catholic and other backgrounds. Praise the Lord for the 9 salvation decisions! The next week we flew to another island, to the city of Manado. This was a very different place as there were many churches throughout the city. Most of the churches are Catholic or those that do not give the truth of the Gospel, yet many have at least a basic understanding of Jesus Christ. On Saturday, 26 teams showed up and we had the joy to preach to over 100 with around 50 young people making a salvation decision! We are excited about the future in Indonesia—After Heru graduated from Bible School, the plan is to have him travel with Pastor Amos for training and then in the US for more training. Please pray for this country!


International Baptist Church-- We are very excited to share with you about a new adventure that the Lord has allowed our family to be a part of. Back in 2014, God began to stir our hearts for church planting after spending some months in Asia as a family and being involved in a church plant on an island in the Philippines. We began to pray about this new burden especially after coming back to the States. Last year, we were blessed to go help a small church in Greer, SC, but God still gave a big burden for the county of Spartanburg and especially the many nations that are represented among the approximately 300,000 people in the county. We researched the area and found a need for a church in the north east area of the county. God began to move in amazing ways including providing a school to rent, contacts, and many other answers to prayer. God gave us a small core group and on November 12, we had our first service as International Baptist Church! We praise the Lord for the one young man being discipled right now who has been unchurched recently. Also we are praying for his dad who is unsaved and planning to meet with him.

We will continue to personally conduct National Hoops tournaments for the next 3 years as we train our son Hayden to run the tournaments and to preach. Obviously, this is so exciting for us as God has called Hayden to preach and he has a desire to be an evangelist in the US and work in China as well. Our family would continue to serve in administration, mentoring, and working on new ministries overseas. We plan to adjust our traveling schedule a bit, especially overseas, but we are blessed to have very capable preachers and teachers at the church. Our burden recently is that we invest much time in training the next generation for God’s glory. If you would like to see our website, it is


Thank you for your impact on eternity!


Mike Washer

There are many more pictures on Face book: “MikeandNikkiWasher” or "NationalHoopsMinistries or you can also connect via Twitter @nationalhoops or Instagram @nationalhoops