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Dear Family and Friends,


Galatians 6:9 says, “ And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not” I was reminded of this principle recently when I was invited to preach at a church pastored by the husband of a former youth group and National Hoops team member. It was such a joy for Nikki and I to see God using this dear family. We also were excited recently to hear and see pictures of the baptism of a young man who was saved at a tournament in Raleigh this past Spring. So much of ministry is weary, and we are tempted to quit or be discouraged but as we stay faithful, God will provide the increase and there will be reaping in time! I encourage all those who are laboring for our great God—Don’t Quit! There is reaping around the corner!


Nashville, TN---I was contacted by a Chick-Fil-A owner who asked if we would come do a tournament for Nashville and have his store host the tournament. We contacted a local church to help provide help in the area of scorekeeping, referees, and counselors and then went to work passing out fliers! The store did a great job marketing through their social media and also as the cars drove through, they could see a few signs posted about the tournament. We set up 4 goals in the parking lot for Saturday and God brought 18 teams! It was pretty exciting to be in a high profile area. The preaching was done outside under several tents.(see pic) During the Gospel message, there was one man, who was just watching from a distance. He was asked to come closer under the tents, but he wanted to stay on the outside and listen. When the invitation was given, he responded and walked over and trusted Christ! It was a powerful moving of the Spirit and 36 trusted Christ!


Decatur, AL---We were blessed to be able to minister at the Christian school during  the week and we praise the Lord for revival decisions that were made as well as one salvation decision! God opened up doors in recruiting and in giving us good contacts. On Saturday, there were 15 teams and when the Gospel message was preached, 13 people were saved including a mom who had come to watch her kids play in the tournament! One young man, who was the MVP of the varsity division, came to thank me after the tournament, telling me that he had been saved that day. It was neat to hear that he was being recruited by Stanford and Georgia to come play basketball.


Inman, SC---Since we have been without a team for these 3 tournaments, my wife and I began to realize that we are waaaaay to old to be out passing out fliers every day for days! Our kids did a great job and are full of energy but mom and dad were struggling! Looking forward to the 3 guy team members that God sends our way for the spring semester! God opened up 2 schools that we had never been given access to before and on Saturday 10 teams showed up. We praise the Lord for the 4 young people who trusted Christ!


Please Pray! On Thursday we are headed to the Philippines as a family! The first week we will be working with Pastor Amos and his team on their first week of their semester of tournaments. Then, on the second week, we will be ministering by speaking in a conference for missionaries coming from all over the Philippines as well as Vietnam! We are very excited about this opportunity and ask that you will pray that God works in our hearts and changes us as well as that he would use us for His glory.


Thank you for your impact on eternity!


Mike Washer





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